Turning Point Dance Studio serves Spanish Fork, Mapleton, Springville, Salem, Payson and surrounding areas in Utah County. Our program is based on quality technique in a fun and loving environment. Established in 1989 Turning Point began in Mapleton and moved to Spanish Fork about 11 years ago. The director Pam Bingham has studied with Master Teachers in all aspects of dance from all over the country for over 29 years. We believe in building self esteem and a Positive Self-Image through example, instruction, and goal setting. 

We teach each dancer to be The Best They Can Be.  Most dancers are only one day a week for an hour to an hour and a half, but the performing team practices two days a week for a total of 3 - 3 1/2 hours per week.  It is a concept that works well with the organized classes.  When we compete, we place consistant firsts and High Points against dancers who are required to take double and triple the hours to have the same performance opportunities that we offer at Turning Point.

Having 3 dancers herself Pam knows how important it is to develop talents in different areas and still have time for schoolwork, family, church and social time with friends. It is possible to be a “Well Rounded Individual and a Dancer”. We can help you obtain quality and correct dance training, positive self esteem and good physical habits.

We also have a strong commitment to high standards in modesty, music and choreography. You will always see a darling modest costume, hear good music and lyrics and watch wholesome quality choreography. There are no embarrassing moments during any of our performances.

Dancing with Turning Point will allow a turning point in your dancers “Dance Education”, and allow her/him time to pursue other talents also.   We offer a “Celebration of dance” in a professional, positive atmosphere where self confidence will abound, and where friendships are built that can last a life time. But most importantly, good physical habits and life lessons will be learned and practiced.

If you have a strong commitment to positive self worth, developing talents in a wholesome way, and love to dance, we are here to serve you!

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