D A N C E   A T T I R E   I S   R E Q U I R E D                    

Attending class in the appropriate attire will help us instruct dancers to the best of our ability. Some suggested combos might be: Tights & leotard with a skirt or short, and dance shoes for combo classes. Dance pants, dance shorts, fitted tops, dance shoes etc. are acceptable dance attire for our 8+ classes. All students should have their hair pulled out of their face for each class.

Required Shoes:
All combo classes (3-7 year old's) wear tan ballet shoes and/or black tap if applicable.

8+ jazz and hip hop wear tan gore shoes and/or hip hop shoes.

S T U D I O   R U L E S

*Please be on time.

*No food, gum, drink or candy permitted in the studio.

*Please enter the drive through drive way from the south and Exit out the North.

*Please do not bring or send friends to class with a registered student for any reason.

*Parents/Guardians only, are welcome in the observing area to pick up student. Children learn better without distractions and learn confidence in their independence.